Himalaya October 23 - November 19 2011

A fantastic 4 week trip to the countries at the slope of Himalaya, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Going by train (Lhasa Express) during 44 hours from Beijing to Lhasa, spending 10 days in Tibet, including Mt Everest Base Camp, 8 days in Nepal and 6 days in Bhutan.

We felt the importance of the religion, and visited many monasteries. We also enjoyed the fantastic nature. The three countries (we treat Tibet as a country here) were very different concerning the nature and the people. The trip was organized by Världens resor.




A map to be included.

Tibet (height 3700 - 5200 m):

  • Lhasa Express, Beijing - Lhasa passing 5000 m height
  • Lhasa 4 days (Johkang, old city, Potala, Sera, Drak Yerpa ..)
  • Via Yamdrok Lake to Gyantse, incl. monasteries
  • Gyantse to Shigatse, incl. monasteries and fortress
  • Shigatse to Shegar (and Mt Everest) and to Zhangmu



Mount Everest Base Camp (5200 m)

  • 100 km bad road to Rongbuk and Mt Everest Base camp
  • Staying overnight at a guesthouse close to Everest


Nepal (height 200 - 2400 m):

  • Bhaktapur old city
  • Bandipur
  • Chitwan national park
  • Nagarkot - Chisopani - Kathmandu (walk)
  • Kathmandu


Bhutan (height 1200 - 3900 m):

  • Paro
  • Tigers's Nest
  • Thimpu
  • Dochu La, Punakha
  • Wangdu

Photos, and a short description of each part of the  trip, will be found when clicking on the links at the headers, or on the photos.





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