Saimaa canal and Vyborg, Jul 30 - Aug 02 2018

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A boat trip on Saimaa canal and two days in Vyborg. Going by train to Willmanstrand (Lappeenranta) and from Vyborg.

Saimaa canal connects the lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland at Vyborg. The canal was built from 1845 to 1856 and opened in 1856.

The canal has been improved a number of times before the second World War. When Soviet Union overtook parts of Carelia and Vyborg in 1940/1944, the traffic ceased.

A canal treaty 1962 (prolonged 2012) lead to that the canal was modernized and the new canal was opened in 1968. The Russian part of the canal is leased by Finland (around 30 m land on the canal sides) 

The canal from Willmanstrand (Lappeenranta) to Vyborg is 57 km, incl. the lakes, and has 8 locks. It is used for transportation of goods and for tourism.

Vyborg was Finland's second largest city, when it was transferred to Soviet Union in 1940 and 1944. The Finnish population was evacuated in 1940, some returned during the Continuation war, and were again evacuated in 1944. In the Paris Peace Treaty 1947 Vyborg was decided to belong to Russia (Soviet Union).

There is a lot of old architecture in Vyborg, and restorations are going on.

Vyborg was founded 1293 under Swedish regime by Torkel Knutsson.




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