Melanesia September 27 - October 23 2015

The main trip was a two week small ship cruise in Melanesia, along the coast of Papua New Guinea, via a lot of islands in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to Fiji.

The trip was extended, in the beginning, with four days in the inland (highlands) of Papua New Guinea.

When going to Papua New Guinea we visited Singapore for 1-2 days. Unfortunately covered in non-healthy smoke from Sumatra.

After the small ship cruise we spent four days on a nice resort on a small island west of Fiji mainland.

The trip was organized by Flod&Hav, using the sister company Noble Caledonia in UK.

On the way home we stayed two days in California and visited Sequoia national park, and the fantastic redwood trees.






The trip to Papua New Guinea, Trobriand Islands, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu gave us unforgettable moments. It is a part of the world where there are not many tourists, and we were met very friendly by all village and island inhabitants. Of course, we are not Sten Bergman, coming to a village as the first white man 60 years ago. The village and island people knew we should come and met us with fantastic music and dances, and for some islands it was the first visit of a cruising ship for 12 years.

The main impression from the trip was to see how people lived, how friendly we were received and all the performances of traditional music and dances.

Then it is very nice to travel on a ship in the tropical part of the world. We also did a lot of snorkling.

The small cruising ship, with a Swedish captain, carried 85 tourists (mainly from UK, but also 12 from Sweden). We visited all small islands by launching 10 Zodiaks (rubber boats) and made wet landings.

Papua New Guinea highlands (30/9 - 3/10):

  • Staying at Ambua lodge in the highlands
  • Visiting a number of villages (village life, dances ..)
  • Bird spotting (paradise birds)

Cruising Papua New Guinea to Fiji (3/10 - 17/10):

  • Papua New Guinea
  •    Bonarua, Fergusson Islands, Dobu
  •    Tufi fjords
  •    Trobriand Islands (Kitava)
  • Solomon Islands
  •    Marovo lagoon
  •    Honiara (capital)
  •    Santa Ana
  •    Ra
  • Vanuatu
  •    Espiritu Santo
  •    Port Vila (capital)

Fiji (17-20/10):

  • Visiting islands, village, kayaking, snorkling

Sequoia national park (20-22/10)::

  • One day in the park, with the redwood trees and Moro Rock

Photos, and a short description of each part of the  trip, will be found when clicking on the links at the headers, or on the photos.

Papua New Guinea highlands

Crusing Papua New Guinea to Fiji


Sequoia national park


More films will come with dances and some other acitivities

Dances Papua New Guinea highland

Dances Trobriand Islands

Happy choirs and wooden instruments

Children and Zodiak rides

Young warriors learn fast

Hem (Mats och Camillas hemsida)