Geocaching in USA, incl. Hawaii, October 29 - November 23 2014

The main trip was a geological geocaching excursion (Geocaching on an active volcano, Earth Cache Geoventure) on Hawaii Big Island, with focus on volcanos. This covered one week, organized by the Geological Society of America.

When going to Hawaii, we first spent 9 days on our own in Califonia and Nevada, going by car from San Francisco, via the coast road, to Death Valley, Mojave Desert and ending in Las Vegas.

We had planned to visit, and cross, Sierra Nevada, but it started snowing when we arrived and the cross road was closed. Also you should need snow chains in the Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. So we replanned to take the coast road instead.

From Las Vegas we flew to Hawaii.

After the geological excursion on Big Island we spent 3 days on our own on Oahu (the Honolulu island), travelling around by car.

Finally we flew to Seattle, where we spent 3-4 days, including visiting the Geocaching Head Quarters and travelling around in the mountains and a short visit to Canada.









California (29/10 - 7/11):

  • San Francisco (1.5 days)
  • Coast road 1 (1-2 days)
  • Mojave city
  • Red rock canyon
  • Death Valley (3 days)
  • Mojave National Preserve (1 day)
  • Salt pans south of Las Vegas and Las Vegas (1 day)

Hawaii (8-17/11):

  • Geological excursion (7 days)
  • Oahu (3 days)

Seattle (18-21/11):

  • Snoqualmie mountains and falls (1 day)
  • City and Geocaching Head Quarters (1.5 days)
  • North of Seattle to Canada (1 day)

Photos, and a short description of each part of the  trip, will be found when clicking on the links at the headers, or on the photos.






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