11 day cruise on Donau/Danube, Sept 22 - Oct 2 2017

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A trip on Donau from Bucharest (Turnu Măgurele) to Wien. Except for the cruise, there were a number of excursions during the trip.

The cruise ship, Der Kleine Prinz, was one of the smallest on Donau. In case of low or high water, this is an advantage, but it did not matter in this case. However, it was nice with a rather small ship.
(If you are unlucky, due to too much high or low water,  parts of the trip can be done by bus instead, which would not be so nice).

The tour was organized by Grand Tours.



  •   Vidin
  •   Belograchick rocks


  • Belgrad
  • Novi Sad
  • Jarak (serbian lunch)
  • Krushedol (monastery and wine tasting)


  • Vukovar


  • Pécs (nice student city)
  • Budapest
  • Szentendre
  • Pustan (horse shows)


  • Bratislava

Austria (Wien)

  • Hofburg palace
  • Schönbrunn



Cruise pictures

Some films below:

Serbian folklore

Organ music from Pécs cathedral

Horse show outside Budapest

Donau by night when leaving Budapest

Hem (Mats och Camillas hemsida)